Natural Shea Butter Lotion


Our natural shea butter lotion is a silky conditioning lotion that quickly absorbs leaving your skin soft and nourished. Our Shea Butter Lotion is rich with shea butter, well known for its ability to penetrate deep into your skin aiding with dry skin problems, rashes and eczema, healing of scar tissues and stretch marks. Blended with Apricot Kernel Oil and Sunflower Oil, both well known for their hypoallergenic properities.
Cancer patients have enjoyed the gentle properties of our Light Shea Butter lotion, stating that it is the only lotion that gave relief to their skin during chemotherapy.
Unscented or Scented with Essential Oils: Lavender or Gentle Breeze (Sandalwood, Jasmine & Manadrin Essential Oil Blend).

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